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Hunan Xiangyu Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

        Hunan Xiangyu Warehousing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Liuyang High tech Industrial Development Zone, Hunan Province. It is committed to providing complete logistics automation warehousing planning, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and other services for enterprises.

        Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of warehousing and logistics automation equipment, covering various types of automated conveyors and shelves; It has become a synonym for high-quality intelligent warehousing nationwide and a choice for many well-known manufacturers. The company has a group of R&D and design engineers with strong technical foundation, rich practical experience, and a serious and responsible processing and manufacturing team. It is equipped with a complete R&D center and sales team in Xingsha District, Changsha County. Xiangyu has a complete R&D team and production infrastructure, which can provide users with high-quality services such as consulting and planning, R&D and design, production and manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service!

        We rely on our rich experience and good performance to provide equally high-quality services to our customers. Our goal is to provide economic and optimized solutions for their industrial and office storage needs, material management planning, and perfect and thoughtful services to make our products popular throughout the country. In order to better serve the market and users, our company has branches and offices in various parts of the country, We will work together with domestic and foreign merchants with a warm and pragmatic spirit of dedication, to achieve common development and create brilliance.

        Safe product guarantee:

        The company has been focusing on product quality construction since the establishment of the factory, following the line of quality and service. From raw material procurement to goods leaving the factory, every process is strictly inspected, ensuring the qualification and safety of product quality. In 2017, our product passed the :2000 quality system certification. In the same year, we participated in the quality inspection activity organized by the China Quality Credit Evaluation Center and obtained the honorary title of qualified product through testing. Our high-quality products have been widely welcomed by the market!

        Scientific planning plan:

        The first step of a planner's warehouse design is to have dedicated personnel in charge of communication and on-site inspection of the site conditions before starting the design. Based on the actual usage of your warehouse, make reasonable planning and design, grasp the overall planning concept, coordinate the functions of various parts of the warehouse, and achieve efficient utilization with low cost investment.

        Efficient delivery commitment:

        Upon receiving customer orders, we have completed production within the specified time frame, with a general production time controlled within 10 working days. Due to good departmental coordination and timely delivery, we are equipped with a professional installation team to execute your company's shelf installation work together

        Perfect after-sales service:

        We have a professional and fast installation team to cooperate with agent customers, and we can provide standardized and fast installation services. During the service period, any quality issues with the product can be replaced for free. We guarantee to provide a response within 24 hours upon receipt of any issues.

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