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Since the reform and opening up, the influx of foreign enterprises has brought advanced warehousing technology and equipment to some extent. Some domestic enterprises have continuously learned and borrowed from foreign enterprises. In this process, more and more enterprises have realized the important role of shelves and attempted to introduce shelves and this new warehousing method to their own enterprises, giving shelf factories a market. And with the popularization of modern logistics concepts in recent years, the demand for logistics equipment such as shelves has significantly increased in various industries, driving the rapid development of the shelf industry.

The gravity type shelf adopts a roller seat design, with appropriate inclination, and utilizes the self weight of goods to drive flow. The pallets are densely stored and have the best physical circulation, achieving a first in, first out logistics effect. It is a dense storage warehouse system that can fully utilize the warehouse area, increasing the utilization rate of the warehouse area by about 30% compared to general fixed shelves. Especially suitable for the storage of goods with fast turnover speed and requiring first in, first out, such as applications in breweries, food factories, and various production lines.

Summarize the four principles of gravity shelf design:

1. The length of the ramp is moderate. The total depth design of the shelf (i.e. the length of the guide rail) should not be too large, otherwise the unusable upper and lower "dead corners" will be large, affecting space utilization. Moreover, if the ramp is too long, the controllability of the slide will be poor, and the impact of the slide will be large, which can easily cause the slide to be blocked and blocked, and the pallet goods to tip over.

2. The slope size is reasonable. After installing the slide on the shelf, it should be ensured that it has a certain slope so that the tray can slide under the action of gravity. If the slope is too small, the tray will not slide or slide smoothly; If the slope is too large and the pallet slides down too quickly, it can cause impact or tipping. In addition, the size of the slope also depends on the material at the bottom of the pallet. For wooden pallets, it is generally recommended to take 3.5% to 3.0%; For plastic pallets, 2.5% to 2.0% is recommended; For steel pallets, 2.0% to 1.5% is recommended. In actual warehouse design, the optimal choice of slope should be determined after detailed calculation and experimentation.

3. Install damping devices. In order to ensure smooth sliding, such as a long ramp, and to prevent the pallet goods from tipping over due to excessive impact force when sliding to the bottom, buffer devices and pickup separation devices should be installed at the lowest point of the ramp. Therefore, design, manufacturing, and installation are difficult and costly.

4. The shelves should not be too high. Regardless of the type of warehouse shelf, reliability and operability are particularly important. Gravity shelves are generally within 6 meters, and the weight of single pallet goods is generally within 1000KG. If the height is too high and the single pallet goods are too heavy, its reliability and operability will be greatly reduced.

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