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Which Heavy Duty Shelf to Choose - Hunan Xiangyu Shelf

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The heavy-duty warehouse shelves in Hunan Xiangyu are one of the most widely used types of shelves in the current warehouse. The heavy-duty warehouse shelves are mainly used in conjunction with forklift operations to access goods using pallets. Heavy duty shelves are the most cost-effective among all storage racks, and the requirements for operators are not high. Therefore, many enterprises are using heavy duty shelves.

As a storage carrier and an important turnover link in logistics, the quality of heavy-duty shelves is of utmost importance. Some small shelf companies adopt the method of sacrificing shelf safety to improve market competitiveness, which is extremely irresponsible for both customers and themselves. Changzhou Xi'erfu Shelves has been specialized in the shelving industry for many years, always adhering to customer first and achieving the future with quality.

Heavy duty shelves are generally designed based on the size of pallets or goods, and usually goods are packaged and stored on shelves for storage through pallets, storage cages, and other unit loading equipment. The load capacity of each unit is generally within 4000kg, and two units are usually placed on each layer.

When the size of the goods varies, we need to use partitions, steel plates, or load-bearing nets, so that they are not constrained by the spacing between the shelf beams during storage. The specific design also needs to be based on the actual situation of the goods.

We produce and install Xiangyu shelves according to the plan. There are anti-collision guardrails in front of each row of shelves to prevent forklifts from colliding with the shelves during operation, leading to safety accidents. Each row of shelves has connecting rods, connecting them into an organic whole. During use, it fully maintains its stability and improves the safety performance of shelf operations.

The entire warehouse has a reasonable and orderly shelf layout, with rows of shelves, making the warehouse more tidy and beautiful. At the same time, the biggest feature of shelves is that they can improve storage efficiency. Customers can plan warehouse shelves and divide them into several storage areas to store products in different categories.

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