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General product parameters for warehouse mold shelves

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Hunan Xiangyu Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production of storage mold shelves for more than ten years. It provides a detailed summary of the technical parameters of storage mold shelves. Through this article, the editor introduces to readers the parameters of storage mold shelves that generally include:

1. Based on the provided warehouse shelf layout sketch, independently design the construction drawings of the warehouse shelf project, including floor plan, three-dimensional view, cross-sectional view, and detailed structural diagram. The construction drawings of warehouse shelf engineering serve as a reasonable explanation and are the basis for bidding quotation.

2. The design requirements for the construction drawings of storage shelves are as follows:

(1) Types of storage shelves: entry type storage shelves and crossbeam type storage shelves.

(2) Number of storage spaces: 3834 entry type storage shelves and 512 crossbeam type storage shelves.

(3) Calculation of the number of layers and height of storage shelves: The entry type storage shelves have two layers of legs and three layers of goods, with a net height of 3.3 meters for the first layer, 1.85 meters for the second layer, and 1.85 meters for the third layer. The total height of the storage shelves is 7.3 meters.

(4) Net distance between storage shelves: 1.4 meters for driving in storage shelves; The crossbeam storage rack is 2.3 meters long.

(5) Material specifications and requirements for entry type storage shelves: The column specifications are>85x65.

(6) Channel width: The width of the entry type main channel is more than 4 meters, and the beam type main channel is 3.5 meters.

(7) The selection of pallets for storage shelves: The entry type is specified as 1200x1500, the material is steel, the short side is forked, and the cargo load requirement is>1000 kg. The specification of the crossbeam type is 1000x1200, and the material is wood. The short side is forked, and the cargo load requirement is>1000 kg.

(8) Customers can optimize the materials and other aspects of the project, mainly considering improving warehouse utilization and operational efficiency, as well as saving on job contracting.

Hunan Xiangyu Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. has witnessed the quality for ten years and received high praise from customers. We have been committed to the research and development, manufacturing, product coverage, light, medium, and heavy shelves, loft style shelves, medium steel frames, mold frames, cantilever shelves, steel structure platforms, workbenches, mobile cabinets, tool cabinets, storage cages, stainless steel, as well as non-standard shelves and storage equipment for non-standard production; Welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect.

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