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How Shelves Grow

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At the beginning of the 21st century, besides China's accession to the Century Business Organization, the manufacturing industry, automotive industry, and other industries in China have developed rapidly. As a new type of industry, the logistics industry has grown and developed rapidly, which has led to the continuous formation of the scale of the shelf industry and its development towards large-scale and diversified directions. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for various small parts, accessories, and other lightweight workplaces. It can be seen that the shelf industry in China is developing rapidly.

The storage cage has the same specifications and a fixed capacity, which allows for clear storage of goods and easy inventory counting. Additionally, wheels can be installed at the bottom of the storage cage, making it extremely convenient for turnover within the factory. There are three main types of shelves and logistics equipment commonly used in daily production and daily life. Following the footsteps of Ding Xing's editor, we will familiarize ourselves with the three common types of shelves and their respective work characteristics. The storage cage is a folding structure, made of high-quality steel through cold rolling and hardening welding, which has high strength and strong load-bearing capacity.

Stacking shelves can stack up to 3 to 4 layers each other, forming a three-dimensional storage mode without the need for equipment such as shelves and storage cages. They are mainly used in rental warehouses, workshops, and other fields. They are convenient, reliable, and space saving, allowing for quantitative storage, distribution, and distribution of shelves, promoting convenient and fast storage and transportation. They are made of high-quality steel, and the spacing between holes is adjustable at 500mm intervals, The circular holes in its columns are used to connect the layers, and the shelf layers are made of cold-rolled steel plates, which are sturdy and durable. The storage cage can be used in conjunction with the container, effectively improving space utilization.

Shelves bring convenience and fun to our production and daily life, and the rapid development of the shelf price industry has laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of China's logistics and warehousing industries. However, with the development of China's economy, the logistics and warehousing industry, as a new type of industry, has rapidly developed. With the continuous promotion of shelf demand, specialized and large-scale shelf manufacturing factories have emerged, promoting the specialization and standardization of China's shelf industry.

In the 1990s, shelf companies in China emerged one after another, while in the late 1990s, foreign shelf companies entered China. They brought advanced science and technology, unique design concepts, and played an important role in promoting the development of China's shelf industry. In the early 21st century, China's shelf companies continuously learned, practiced, and nurtured new development technologies. Since then, shelf companies in China have emerged continuously, only ten years have passed, China's shelf industry has developed over 100 companies.

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