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Compar n between warehouse shelves and supermarket shelves

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Mold shelves mainly include warehouse shelves and supermarket shelves. In addition to storage functions, supermarket shelves also have an important function of display. The two types of shelves have different functions and structures, and can be compared from the following points:

Firstly, it can greatly improve the floor area ratio of the warehouse. For example, after transforming a typical drive-in rack into a shuttle rack system, the utilization rate of the original warehouse's usable area can be increased by 30%. Of course, each project requires our engineering personnel to make reasonable planning based on specific conditions.

Secondly, it can make the entire shelf system more stable. When transforming the drive in rack into a shuttle rack system, the entire rack system is more stable due to the use of crossbeams to connect the various racks together.

Thirdly, improve the operational efficiency of cargo handling. Because the operation of shuttle trucks is more convenient than that of forklifts, making it easier for operators to use and improving work efficiency.

Fourthly, if the enterprise transforms the drive in shelf system into a shuttle truck shelf system, it can maximize the utilization of the original shelf system and greatly reduce the transformation cost. Because the general structure of these two types of shelf systems is the same, the transformation is relatively simple. All you need to do is connect the original shelves together with crossbeams, lay tracks on the channels between the shelves, and use shuttle trucks to replace the original walk-in forklifts. Hunan Xiangyu Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. has witnessed the quality for ten years and received high praise from customers. We have been committed to the research and development, manufacturing, product coverage, light, medium, and heavy shelves, loft style shelves, medium steel frames, mold frames, cantilever shelves, steel structure platforms, workbenches, mobile cabinets, tool cabinets, storage cages, stainless steel, as well as non-standard shelves and storage equipment for non-standard production; Welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect. The free hotline is 400-0731-578.

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