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The difference between steel platforms and steel structures

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There are more and more buildings, tools, materials, etc. made of steel, and steel platforms are one example of their application. However, many people do not know the difference between them and steel structures, or directly confuse the two. The two can be said to be essentially the same. One is a popular form of architecture, the other is a tool used for engineering operations, and the other can conceptually include the other. If it is a construction personnel, it is necessary to clarify their differences and connections.

A steel platform is a type of work platform that uses various steel plates and columns to build basic building facilities to support goods or personnel construction operations; And steel structure is an engineering structure made of section steel and steel plates through welding, bolt connection, or riveting, belonging to the formed building mode. Compared with other constructions, steel structures have advantages in use, design, construction, and comprehensive economy, with low cost and can be moved at any time; Modern steel platforms have diverse structural forms and complete functions. The biggest feature of its structure is its fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design. It can design and manufacture steel structure platforms that meet site requirements, functional requirements, and logistics requirements according to different on-site conditions. It is widely used in modern storage because of its high strength, light weight, and high stiffness, making it particularly suitable for load-bearing in large construction sites. The steel platform has various forms and functions, and its biggest feature is a fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design and can be designed and manufactured according to different on-site conditions. It is widely used in modern warehouse storage.

Steel platforms are usually composed of planks, primary and secondary beams, columns, inter column supports, as well as ladders, railings, etc.

According to the different treatment methods of supports, steel platforms can be divided into:

1. A platform directly placed on the triangular frame or bracket of a factory building column, usually serving as a safe passage or a simple medium-sized operating platform.

2. A platform supported on one side of a factory building column or building wall, with independent columns on the other side.

3. A platform supported on large equipment.

4. All are independent platforms.

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