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The rapid development of China's warehouse shelf industry and promising market prospects

Author:kefu Date:2023-09-06 14:38:34 Return

After entering the 21st century, China's shelf industry has gradually become large-scale, and more and more shelf enterprises have emerged. In Nanjing alone, there were one or two in the 1990s. However, by 2004, the number of shelf enterprises in Nanjing had jumped to around 30 to 40, and the speed of development can be imagined. The rapid development of the industry has shown the following characteristics:

From the production proportion of shelves nationwide, the concentration level is high. In the domestic market, about 40% of the shelves are produced in Jiangsu, 40% in Hunan, 15% in Guangdong, and the other 5% come from the shelf industry and imported shelves in Beijing, Tianjin, and other regions.

Since its establishment, Hunan Xiangyu Warehousing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and product coverage of warehousing and logistics equipment: light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, loft style shelves, medium steel frames, mold racks, cantilever shelves, steel structure platforms, workbenches, mobile cabinets, tool cabinets, storage cages, stainless steel, and non-standard shelves. Warehousing equipment and other non-standard production, has become a synonym for high quality throughout the country, Becoming the first choice for many well-known manufacturers

Worldrenowned logistics enterprises, logistics supporting enterprises, and the shelf industry have also landed in China. Although the shelf industry is still in the early stages of enlightenment in China, with the entry of similar industries abroad, it will inevitably present some new characteristics.

Firstly, at present, the technology in China's shelf industry is single and there is no corresponding industry standard formed. The industry regions are relatively concentrated, and demand units only have the opportunity to choose different shelf suppliers, without the opportunity to choose different shelves, because the products in the shelf industry nationwide are the same. After entering the same industry abroad, there will inevitably be differences in the quality of shelf products. So the competition will inevitably be fierce.

Secondly, as more foreign investment enters the Chinese market, it will inevitably lead to more and more enterprises engaging in standardized operations. To improve efficiency, we need to start with logistics as the third source of profit. More and more people will gradually realize the necessity of shelves, and the demand for shelves by various enterprises will also increase.

Once again, a comprehensive opening up will inevitably lead to a dispersion of demand, which is present nationwide, leading to the gradual spread of the shelf industry from its current concentration to the whole country.

At present, the level of understanding of the shelf industry in China is not high. There are many places, such as the Northeast and Northwest regions, that do not know about shelves, do not understand shelves, and are still in the stage of not knowing their own needs. However, with the continuous development of China's economy, the deeper the understanding of logistics among Chinese people, the greater the demand for shelves.

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