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Automotive mold industry+heavy-duty crossbeam shelves

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Customer industry: The automotive mold industry requires a warehouse area of over 2500 square meters, and the goods are usually stored on pallets and stacked on the warehouse floor. The warehouse height is relatively high, and customers hope to fully utilize the warehouse height space. The customer's pallet is a wooden pallet, with a pallet specification of L1200 forked * W1200.

Design Plan: Considering that the customer currently has limited goods and warehouse throughput, and the customer has certain budget constraints for this purchase, Eurasia has finally designed a heavy-duty crossbeam shelf for the customer. The heavy-duty crossbeam shelf has a simple structure, strong load-bearing capacity, flexible and convenient installation, lower cost compared to other types of storage shelves, and can also fully utilize warehouse space. It is currently one of the most widely used storage shelves.

Design a heavy-duty crossbeam type shelf with a size of L2700mm * W1000mm * H9525mm, fully utilizing the warehouse height space. It consists of 12 main beams and 228 pairs, with four layers and five layers of crossbeams. Each layer of the shelf carries 3000KG/layer, and the forklift passage is 3.6 meters. The final design can use 2400 storage spaces.

Because it is a wooden pallet on the shelves, considering safety issues, we have added a "one word partition" for customers to assist in carrying the wooden pallet, prevent damage to the pallet during use, and prevent goods from falling and injuring people, thereby improving the overall safety of the shelves. At the same time, a shelf back net has been added to prevent goods from falling and injuring people.

Live situation: Here are the on-site pictures





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