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Do you know the acceptance standards for storage shelves?

Author:kefu Date:2023-09-04 15:56:45 Return

With the development of society, the logistics industry has developed rapidly, driving the rapid development of the shelf industry.

Storage shelves are now widely used in various industries, such as textile, tobacco, commercial, medical, mechanical and electrical, military, clothing, and other industrial industries, and demand is still steadily growing; In addition, the demand for storage shelves in industries such as new materials, food refrigeration, and publishing has significantly increased, rapidly rising in the shelf market in the past two years.

Driven by demand, the shelf industry has achieved rapid development. However, due to the lack of industry standards for warehouse shelves, the warehouse type shelf industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition. How to inspect and accept storage shelves has become an important issue that enterprises need to pay attention to. Below, let Changzhou shelf manufacturers discuss the acceptance standards for storage shelves.

Step 1: Confirm whether the received shelves are delivered in accordance with the order, with complete accessories, matching colors with the samples, and packaging meeting the requirements.

Step 2: Overall installation accuracy inspection of shelves

Step 3: Inspection of shelf manufacturing accuracy

Step 4: Surface treatment process

Black body - removing surface dirt - chemical rust removal - phosphating - spray molding - leveling and solidification - packaging inspection and warehousing.

The above standards may not be able to detect results immediately during enterprise acceptance. Therefore, as long as the shelves are consistent with the samples, the appearance and quantity are consistent with the shipping order, other specific dimensions can be sampled for inspection, and the stiffness, strength, and coating thickness need to be reported by the supplier.

Hunan Xiangyu Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hunan, China, is committed to providing complete logistics planning, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and other services for industrial and commercial enterprises Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and product coverage of warehousing and logistics equipment: light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, loft style shelves, medium steel frames, mold frames, cantilever shelves, steel structure platforms, workbenches, mobile cabinets, tool cabinets, storage cages, stainless steel, and non-standard shelves. Storage equipment and other non-standard production have become synonymous with high quality throughout the country, becoming the preferred choice for many well-known manufacturers

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